FBI Expands Probe, Interviews Kavanaugh Friend Who Hosted Party Mentioned in Calendar

By Townhall. According to both national and local Denver news sources, FBI agents participating in the Brett Kavanaugh investigation spent time interviewing Tim Gaudette on Tuesday. Gaudette, who is now living in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, was a high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Georgetown Prep.

The FBI’s interview with Gaudette is significant, because of an alleged July 1, 1982 gathering referenced on Judge Kavanaugh’s high school calendar. The event was supposed to have taken place at “Timmy’s” house. The “Timmy” referenced is known to be Tim Gaudette. . .

But according to the Washington Post, Kavanaugh’s July 1, 1982 calendar entry “has become the focus of lawmakers’ concerns.” Democratic senators on the committee have questioned whether or not that gathering could have been the location of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s alleged sexual assault. Ford claims that while she is “100%” sure that Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker, she does not recall the specific date, time, or place of said assault. . .

Tim Gaudette’s attorney, Kenneth Eichner, confirmed to the Washington Post that his client was indeed interviewed on Tuesday in Denver by the FBI, but declined to comment further.

The recent FBI interview with Gaudette came after President Donald Trump authorized the FBI to broaden the scope of the Kavanaugh investigation. The FBI had already conducted interviews with Mark Judge, another high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s. Judge has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the alleged sexual assault on Dr. Ford, and has also denied the now largely-discredited accusations from Julie Swetnick–namely, that both Judge and Kavanaugh were present at parties where women were routinely drugged and gang-raped. (Read more from “FBI Expands Probe, Interviews Kavanaugh Friend Who Hosted Party Mentioned in Calendar” HERE)


The FBI Confidential Kavanaugh Report: Who’s Allowed to Read It and Where

By NBC News. The much-awaited FBI’s supplemental background investigation will be delivered on Wednesday night to Capitol Hill, added to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s current file, and lawmakers will start reading it on Thursday morning.

What will be delivered, according to aides and senators, are the “302” forms of the FBI interviews, which summarize the contents of the interviews. The FBI, which has spent only a few days on the investigation, will not be submitting a conclusion as to who’s telling the truth in the case.

All 100 Senators will have access to the new information, but not their staffs. There also are 10 Judiciary Committee staffers who have access to the secret Kavanaugh file, which is a paper report — there are no pdf’s or emails of it. And it will not be made public.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has said he wants a confirmation vote this week, said on the Senate floor Wednesday night that the FBI report would be provided by the FBI to the Senate that night. McConnell set a key procedural vote for Friday that would set the stage for a possible full Senate vote as early as Saturday. (Read more from “The FBI Confidential Kavanaugh Report: Who’s Allowed to Read It and Where” HERE)

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