Your Irresponsible, Fact-Free Bomb Speculation Is Ruining the Country

Law enforcement has seized at least 10 suspected package explosives sent to George Soros, CNN, and several top Democratic individuals, and the toxic, vitriolic, speculative and politically partisan news cycle that has erupted around this story is shameful. The Left is assigning blame, without evidence, to an unnamed Trump supporter, with #MAGAbomber trending on social media for most of Wednesday. Trump supporters are being called “terrorists.” Many on the Right are countering that narrative by suggesting, without evidence, that the bomb threats are some sort of “false flag” operation designed by the Left to influence the upcoming midterm election.

President Donald Trump and his administration are also under attack, receiving blame from Democrats and the media for rhetoric they say encourages violence directed at the media and the Democratic Party. CNN president Jeff Zucker pointed his finger directly at Trump in a statement on the intercepted package sent to CNN offices:

The one-sided blame from the media toward Trump ignores the regular heated rhetoric blasted from the Left on its networks. Trump is regularly compared to dictators like Adolf Hitler, his assassination is fantasized in the New York Times, calls for harassment of Republicans from Democratic leaders are ignored or downplayed, and “mob” is a dirty word on CNN, even though that’s exactly what the far Left has become.

Trump took this double standard and fired back at the media in a tweet sent Thursday morning:

Depressingly, all of this nonsensical speculation and partisan rancor is tossed around without any party knowing who sent the packages or why they were sent. The news media and the politicians are not discussing the facts. So let’s attempt to do that here.

Here’s what we do know so far:

Between October 22 and 24, 2018, suspicious packages were received at multiple locations in New York, Washington D.C., and Florida, according to a statement from the FBI. The FBI says these packages “contain potentially destructive devices.”

On October 25, another package sent to actor Robert De Niro was intercepted, bringing the total number of suspicious packages intercepted to 10, CBS News reports.

The individuals who have received these packages also include progressive donor George Soros, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Rep. Maxine Waters. The return address on each package names “Debbie Wasserman Shultz,” the FBI said.

The packages were sent in manila envelopes with six Forever stamps. The package addressed to Holder was sent to the wrong address and returned to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office in Florida.

Two packages each were addressed to Biden and Waters.

The AP reports the packages were “packed with powder and shards of glass.” A law enforcement official said they were made from PVC pipe about six inches in length and covered with black tape. Each device reportedly had a small battery, “similar to a watch battery.”

ABC News reports that the package intercepted in Los Angeles addressed to Waters “did contain a live explosive device and that the device was consistent with those on the East Coast.”

NBC News reports that the potential explosive device sent to CNN featured a parody ISIS flag and an inscription that read “Get ‘Er Done.”

All of the potential devices were intercepted without detonating.

The FBI, ATF, Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and NYPD are all investigating the matter.

Until the investigation is complete, we will not know who sent these packages or the motive behind it.

Speculation about the sender or dismissals of the bomb threat as “fake news” are irresponsible and damaging to the country.

Let’s let the investigators gather the facts and present them in completion before we begin to draw conclusions. (For more from the author of “Your Irresponsible, Fact-Free Bomb Speculation Is Ruining the Country” please click HERE)

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