Leftists Cringe When Confronted With the Truth

Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles were confronted by protestors when speaking at Loyola Marymount University, so they did what any self-respecting conservative American would do, dished out some truth to the students.

Andrew Klavan said, “Being in a single-parent family is one of the greatest indications of risk for suicide, for crime, for drug use, for everything that there is. When you go into a prison, and I’ve visited a lot of prisons, you can walk down the cell – single family, single mother family, single mother fatherless family, the left created that situation by giving people money to have kids out of wedlock, and they were told it would happen and it did happen. The illegitimate birth rate among African Americans is worse today than it was when Democrats were selling them down the river as slaves, it’s worse now!”

He continued, “It’s because that carries a social currency, and this is true for a multitude of races, this is true with intersectional sexual and gender theories, this is true across a wide variety of the people that the left has divided and pitted against one another in this country for an extraordinarily long time, and ramped up in recent history.”

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