Harvard Crimson To Conservatives: Don’t Apply To Harvard

Photo Credit: Joseph BarillariThe Harvard Crimson published an editorial urging conservatives not to apply to Harvard if they intend to criticize the university down the line for political points.

The editorial, titled “Warning: Do Not Enroll,” denigrates famous conservatives who graduated from Harvard and later sharply — and perhaps hypocritically — complained about the university’s liberal ideology, including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, and Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly.

“If we could have spoken to these three men, we would have told them never to come to Cambridge,” wrote the staff of the Crimson. “We at The Crimson urge anyone who plans on one day scoring political points by maligning Harvard to neither apply, enroll, nor graduate from this fine institution.”

All three of the figures mentioned in the editorial have frequently and publicly criticized the political environment at Harvard. Cruz recently commented that during his time on campus, some members of the faculty were “Marxists who believed in … overthrowing the United States government.”

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