So Who Do Democrats Most Want to Run in 2020? This Poll Reveals the Truth

By Daily Wire. So who is leading among the sizable list of potential candidates that Democrats hope to see take down Donald Trump in 2020? The results of a new Politico/Morning Consult poll isn’t quite as “woke” as you might think. In fact, none of the leading candidates are women, or minorities, and two out of the three meet the description of Democrats’ least favorite demographic: old white males (the third is a not-that-old white male).

The survey of 1,952 registered voters was conducted right after the “most important midterm elections in history” wrapped up, leaving us with a newly Democrat-controlled House but a still-Republican controlled Senate. Despite the changing scene in Washington, the poll offered some familiar results.

The Democratic frontrunner, according to Politico’s poll: old white guy Joe Biden, who managed to grab just over a quarter (26%) of the Democrats’ vote for who they’d most like to see facing off against Trump in two years. Biden has already twice-failed to win a presidential bid, back in 1988 and then 20 years later in 2008. As a consolation prize, he was handed the vice presidency by Barack Obama on his second try. After considering running in 2016, he ultimately opted out amid a family tragedy.

The runner-up is also not the freshest name on the list: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who isn’t even really a Democrat, and who also failed to win a presidential bid, and against the widely unpopular Hillary Clinton, no less. Sanders managed to get about a fifth of the votes (19%). (Read more from “So Who Do Democrats Most Want to Run in 2020? This Poll Reveals the Truth” HERE)


Bloomberg charts aggressive timeline on 2020 bid

By AP. Having spent a fortune to help elect Democrats this fall, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared lifetime allegiance to the Democratic Party on Tuesday and outlined an aggressive timeline for deciding whether to run for president.

“I think January, February would be about as late as you can do it and as early as you can gather enough information,” Bloomberg told The Associated Press in an interview. (Read more from “Bloomberg charts aggressive timeline on 2020 bid” HERE)

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