There Is at Least One Tribe Willing to Accept Elizabeth Warren as a Member

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry and tribal affiliation will likely follow her for the entirety of her presidential campaign. But, there is at least one “tribe” that’s willing to accept her, according to The Washington Free Beacon. . .

The Una Nation in Oregon is a “mixed-blood” tribe that has officially invited Warren to join.

“If she’s Native American, or of Native American descent, that means she’s a mixed-blood, and we stand by her and her statement that she is part-Native American,” said Richard B. Lake, the 29-year-old leader of the tribe. . .

“We’re granting her, as a gift, enrollment in the Una Nation,” said Lake, who also goes by King Richard II Ziwahatan. “When she’s asked next if she’s a member of the tribe, hopefully she’ll be able to say proudly she’s a member of the Una Nation, who accept me for who I am.”

After publicizing the results of a DNA test showing she was somewhere between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American to prove President Donald Trump wrong, Warren apologized to Native Americans, including the Cherokee tribe, for her claims, which she has said were based on her “understanding from my family’s stories.” (Read more from “There Is at Least One Tribe Willing to Accept Elizabeth Warren as a Member” HERE)

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