Nunes and Fox News Commentator Suggest That the Entire Trump-Russian Collusion Lie May Have Been Initiated by FBI or the CIA

Representative Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, was interviewed yesterday about the mysterious “Professor Joseph Mifsud”, a Maltese national who was the supposed catalyst to the Trump-Russian collusion probe. Since the collusion story broke, no one has seen Misfud publicly.

Apparently suspecting FBI or CIA involvement from the beginning, Nunes demanded that by May 10, the agencies disclose exactly who employed Mifsud and further requested all recordings of volunteer Trump advisor George Papadopoulos’ conversations with him:

“If the FBI does in fact have transcripts of Papadopoulos talking to anyone … I think Congress, and the American people, have a right to know this because in fact we paid for it, and we had to deal with this for two and a half years. We had to suffer through this,” he told Fox correspondent Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Papadopoulos has said that Misfud is who originally told him that the Russians had emails from Hillary that could damage her presidential campaign.

Nunes also hammered Mueller for “cherry-picking” information about Misfud and ignoring his obvious connections to U.S. intelligence agencies: “They pick a news story, and then they cherry-pick from it. So, they use it partly to describe where Mifsud worked. But then they fail to say in that same story that they have given support to by using it in the Mueller dossier. . . They cherry pick it and they don’t use that Mifsud was described as a Western intelligence asset. . . How is it that we spent $30-plus million on [the Mueller report] as taxpayers. Yeah. And they can’t even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is… we’re getting to the bottom of this.”

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