Protecting Dems: CNN Releases Pathetic Rules for Next Debate

By Breitbart. CNN released the outline for the second round of Democrat primary debates Tuesday evening, but some of the rules have critics wondering if the network is rushing to protect Democrats.

The debates – scheduled for 8:00 p.m. ET July 30 and 31 in Detroit – have different rules than the first, with CNN banning shows of hands, one-word responses, and down-the-line questions. Candidates will get 60 seconds to respond to moderator questions and 30 seconds for rebuttals. Additionally, candidates who “consistently” interrupt will have their time reduced. . .

Some believe these rules – particularly banning show of hands responses – are an effort to protect certain candidates or hide some of the candidates’ more extreme positions.

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CNN Announces Rules for Next Democratic Presidential Debates

By CNN. [Democratic debate rules:]

Colored lights will be used to help the candidates manage their remaining response times: 15 seconds = yellow; 5 seconds = flashing red; no time remaining = solid red.

A candidate attacked by name by another candidate will be given 30 seconds to respond.

There will be no show of hands or one-word, down-the-line questions.

A candidate who consistently interrupts will have his or her time reduced.

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