Here’s How Many Assault-Style Weapons Have Been Returned in New Zealand for Their Gun Buyback

By The Daily Caller. New Zealand has seen only a fraction of weapons surrendered after its government passed restrictive gun control measures, including a buyback program, following March’s mosque shootings.

About 1,000 guns estimated to qualify as prohibited have reportedly been turned over to New Zealand authorities as part of the country’s gun buyback program as of July 4, according to Radio New Zealand. . .

The gun rules that include a ban on assault-style guns and similar weapons were passed by New Zealand’s parliament in April in the wake of the March 15 mosque shootings in Christchurch that killed 51 people. . . .

The regulations face opposition, including a planned legal challenge from the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, New Zealand’s leading gun lobby. The group plans to “take legal action, likely to be by way of a class action,” promised Secretary Nicole McKee, according to WaPo.

Three hundred gun collection events are planned for the next three months in various locations, including large sport stadiums. Authorities said they have informed registered firearm owners of the obligations, and have received 8,000 notifications of surrender through an online registration process, according to Radio New Zealand. (Read more from “Here’s How Many Assault-Style Weapons Have Been Returned in New Zealand” HERE)


Less Than 1% Participate in New Zealand Gun Buyback

By American Military News. Just one percent of New Zealand’s guns have been turned in after the nation’s ban on semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. . .

Official data has not yet been released and is complex to even obtain due to the fact that many of the banned weapons are not on the national registry.

The New Zealand government has sent notices to owners of all registered firearms informing them of their obligation to turn in their firearm. An amnesty period lasts until December 20, and after that, gun owners will face consequences for being in possession of banned firearms. (Read more from “Less Than 1% Participate in New Zealand Gun Buyback” HERE)

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