Report: Joe Biden Helped Hollywood Gain Access to the Chinese Box Office

The L.A. Times on Thursday documented how Hollywood studios owe former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden a few billion favors because he played a pivotal role in helping them gain access to the lucrative box office in China.

“Several of the candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination have significant support in Hollywood — [Jeffrey] Katzenberg, for example, has kicked in $2,800 each to 14 of them already — but none has as long a history of delivering for the industry as Biden,” the L.A. Times observed.

These deliverables for Hollywood were largely made possible by Biden’s eight years as vice president, during which time he was able to put Hollywood heavyweights in the room with top Chinese officials — as was the case with Katzenberg allegedly meeting Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping in 2012 and sealing the deal for the $330 million Oriental DreamWorks studio.

Biden was a tireless advocate for Hollywood issues in general during his vice presidential tenure, prominently including the legislative battle over online piracy, which was also a factor in the entertainment industry’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Naturally, everyone involved in the relationship Biden helped to foster between Hollywood and China insisted there was absolutely nothing improper or unwise about any of it. Oriental Dreamworks is now fully owned by Chinese companies and has been renamed “Pearl Studio,” but it still collaborates with DreamWorks and Universal. The most notable product of Oriental Dreamworks during its years of joint ownership was the Kung Fu Panda film franchise. (Read more from “Report: Joe Biden Helped Hollywood Gain Access to the Chinese Box Office” HERE)

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