Revealed: The Democrats’ Blueprint to Steal 2020 from the Voters of America

The Democrats intend to steal the presidency in 2020. . .

Here’s three strategies they are implementing or have implemented

Participation in the process. This summer the State of New York attempted a two-step process to allow the maximum number of people to vote—whether they were legally allowed to or not. The one-sided, Democrat-controlled State bodies passed the issuing of driver’s licenses to non-citizens/illegal aliens. But that same group of Democrats also nearly passed the automatically completed voter registration of every license issued. Aliens would have had to “opt out.” Just in case they didn’t, the language also included a provision protecting the illegal voter and the authorities from any criminal wrongdoing. This measure passed one chamber, would’ve been signed by the governor, and had it not been for a true watchdog in the Assembly, would’ve already become law. With the enormous push by non-citizens storming our gates to get in, the corrupt powers incentivizing as much, you have to see the roadmap here could have dramatic impact anyway it is adopted.

The dishonest debate. I readily admit there is almost always a fair amount of exaggeration involved in presidential election cycles. But in the 2020 cycle there has existed two levels of dishonesty that is shockingly horrid. On one hand almost none of the things the Democratic candidates are saying are true. Capitalism hasn’t failed. America is not in decline. Our allies respect us more than at any time in the modern era (perhaps only beaten by the days just following 9/11). We have expanded safety, prosperity and liberty to every aspect of American life. The other layer of dishonesty is in the rhetoric of the new voices of the Democrat’s “fresh new faces.” “The Squad” and the followers who prop them up are not willing to work in the system. They claim patently false things. They claim shocking things. They claim to be informed. And they call “racism” to anyone who disagrees. The media seem to love these new voices and look upon them with almost zero scrutiny. The hope for Democrats is that between the “Squad” screaming these false claims loud enough (with the media’s reverberation) they will be able to sway voters to believe the one liar who gets the nomination.

The invisible manipulation and assistance from Big Tech. Senator Ted Cruz opined in a Senate hearing he chaired this past week that he hoped journalists would catch the biggest take away of the day. According to one of the day’s most credible contributors, Robert Epstein, in 2016 Google alone likely manipulated 2.6 million to as high as 10 million voters to choose Hillary Clinton. In 2018 using his perfected methods of monitoring search activity and effective responses with permission-granted use, Google alone may have influenced upwards of 78.2 million votes to be directed to a single party. His concern in 2020 is that upwards of 15-20 million votes may be directed to a single candidate. And lest you question his bonafides, he’s a Harvard educated Ph.D, a research psychologist with 40 years experience, and previous editor at Psychology Today & Scientific American MIND! He also campaigned, endorsed, and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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