What Are the Chances Trump Wins?

With the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry picking up steam and the White House digging in, people’s outlook on the 2020 election is beginning to shift — at least it is in the gambling world.

Though he remains the favorite to win, again, oddsmakers show Trump’s chances slipping with the impeachment effort escalating. On the other side of the aisle, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is enjoying some significant positive movement, while former Vice President Joe Biden — who’s quickly becoming the former frontrunner — saw his chances drop sharply, and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ odds plummeted post-heart attack.

According to odds and sports betting line site OddsShark as of Tuesday, Trump’s odds dropped somewhat — from +110 to +125 — since the Democrats first announced their impeachment inquiry on Sept. 25. After falling from +110 to +120 the first week the inquiry was announced, Trump’s odds remained the same the following week before dropping to +125 this week as the impeachment battle ratcheted up on both sides. . .

Sports Betting Dime (SBD) presents similar numbers. The betting line site gives Trump slightly better odds: +110, which the site notes are “990 points better than his next closest competitor.” As of Oct. 10, Warren moved up to +230 from the previous week, similar to OddsShark’s listing. Biden is likewise way down at +700, Yang is again in a distant third at +1500, and Sanders’ odds are at a grim +2000. Though OddsShark shows Clinton officially off the board, SBD still gives her +2500 odds. . .

The shifting outlook on the 2020 election has been significantly impacted by the Democrats’ impeachment campaign. Recent polling shows momentum in favor of impeaching the president. A Fox News Poll released this week shows a dramatic increase in those saying they believe Trump should be impeached. (Read more from “What Are the Chances Trump Wins?” HERE)

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