Another Left-Wing Socialist Responsible for Mass Shooting, but MSM Continues Outrageous Lies

By Breitbart. The Dayton Daily News reported Monday evening that the gunman who carried out a mass shooting early Sunday morning “definitely leaned to the left” politically and had talked to friends recently about shooting up local bars.

On Sunday evening, Breitbart News reported that Twitter had suspended an account reportedly linked to the shooter. The account had tweeted in support of socialism, in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), against President Donald Trump, and against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). . .

Until now, the mainstream media have taken no interest in the Ohio shooter’s views, preferring instead to focus on the white supremacist views of the gunman who attacked a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, the day before, killing 22 and wounding dozens more.

It is still unclear what connection, if any, the Ohio shooter’s left-wing political views had to the shooting, though El-Fakir speculated to the Dayton Daily News that the shooter may have bought body armor because he wanted to show how easy it was for anyone to obtain tactical weapons. (Read more from “Report: Dayton Shooter ‘Definitely Leaned to the Left,’ Talked About Shooting up Bars” HERE)


Friend to Police: Dayton Killer Discussed Shooting up UD Bar

By Dayton Daily News. . .Friends of the Dayton Oregon District shooter cut ties with him earlier this year because he’d unexpectedly brandish guns and once talked about shooting up Timothy’s, a popular bar among University of Dayton students, a former friend told the Dayton Daily News. . .

El-Fakir told the Dayton Daily News he relayed that story to Dayton police Sunday afternoon. El-Fakir said he knew Betts from Bellbrook High School, where they graduated together. El-Fakir attended the University of Dayton and graduated this year. Betts enrolled in Sinclair Community College a few years after Bellbrook, something Sinclair officials said is normal among their students. . .

El-Fakir, who said he’s personally pro-2nd Amendment, described Betts as “definitely not a right-leaning person. His political views definitely leaned to the left. And believe it or not, he was actually pro-gun control. He was actually anti-2nd Amendment.”

“I don’t know if this is the motive that made him snap,” El-Fakir said, “(but I think) he donned himself with that ballistic vest just to show people how easy it was to arm themselves. It’s pure speculation.”

“He never once spit out a conservative opinion on gun control,” El-Fakir said. (Read more from “Friend to Police: Dayton Killer Discussed Shooting up UD Bar” HERE)

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