Palestinian Rioters Raise Nazi Swastika Flag

Palestinian rioters raised a Nazi swastika along with a Palestinian flag during the weekly Gaza border riots on Friday, where some 6,000 protesters gathered — many of whom threw rocks, firebombs and explosive devices at IDF forces.

On its Twitter page, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit posted a picture of the swastika underneath a Palestinian flag with a text written in poetry form chastising the move as “sheer hatred” and ending with a promise that Israeli troops would “defend Israel today and every single day.”

Fifty-one Palestinians were injured, 24 of them by IDF live fire, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry reported.

The beginning of the year saw a dramatic spike in violence along the Gaza border with the so-called March of Return protests, with daily airborne incendiary devices being flown over the border, infiltrations and shootings. Hamas and other Gaza-based groups have also increasingly relied on drones and quadcopters to gather intelligence and track IDF movements. (Read more from “Palestinian Rioters Raise Nazi Swastika Flag” HERE)

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