Attorneys Knew That Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Qualify for Jail Work Release Where He Allegedly Abused Women

Newly revealed documents show that federal prosecutors told the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that Jeffrey Epstein was not eligible for work release.

The Daily Mail reported that despite a December 2008 letter from then-US Attorney Alex Acosta’s office that said Epstein technically had three felony convictions, which would disqualify him from work release, records show Epstein was released six days a week during the 13-month sentence he served in 2008 after pleading guilty to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution.

Acosta fostered the plea deal that would eventually be seemingly interpreted by the Corrections Division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office to allow Epstein to serve just 13 months from a private cell block at a county jail, instead of federal prison, and obtain work release, despite Acosta’s office arguing against the release portion. The financier also pleaded guilty to just two prostitution charges, though the Daily Mail reports that because one of the charges Epstein plead guilty to was for recommitting an offence, he had three felony convictions.

“I understand Mr. Epstein would be ineligible for participation in the work release program if he committed three violations of F.S.S. 796 within the past five years,” Assistant US Attorney Marie Villafana wrote in a letter sent on December 11, 2008, according to the Daily Mail.

Villafana also reportedly noted that he had created his work release company just days before he was sentenced and that his New York-based attorney doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice to enforce the sheriff’s office guidelines of a supervisor for Epstein’s activity during his release. (Read more from “Attorneys Knew That Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Qualify for Jail Work Release Where He Allegedly Abused Women” HERE)

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