Trump’s Primary Challengers Hit Another Roadblock

I know it may not seem like it, but President Trump is facing primary challenges. It’s ridiculous. They’re not going to be successful. But hey, it’s a free country, and if former GOP Gov. Bill Weld, who ran on the Libertarian ticket last year and pretty much encouraged people to vote for Hillary, and Rep. Joe Walsh want to be the dunce cap crew this cycle—then let them. Trump has aptly called these people the “three stooges.” They’re not going to win. President Trump has solid approval ratings among Republican Party members. We have a nominee. We don’t need to waste time depleting money and more importantly, time, on this silly contest. This isn’t Carter in 1980. Let’s get a grip.

And these three are no-names. There’s no money, no exposure, no national constituency with these three would-be challengers. Joe Walsh, Weld, and Sanford cannot win a national election. We already have the war chest filled, the infrastructure set, and the base juiced to re-elect Donald Trump; enough of this circus. The party isn’t stupid. They know this is ridiculous. There is a GOP consensus candidate on who should be the nominee in 2020, and that person is President Donald J. Trump. Arizona recently joined states that are nixing their primary contests because…well, they’re not necessary this year. And this isn’t unprecedented either. Democrats have done it before as well (via The Hill):

The Arizona Republican Party officially canceled its 2020 presidential primary contest on Monday, joining several other state Republican parties.

State Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward confirmed the party’s decision in a letter to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs obtained by The Hill.

. . .

South Carolina, Nevada, and Kansas are also expected to drop their primary contests as well[.] (Read more from “Trump’s Primary Challengers Hit Another Roadblock” HERE)

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