Chick-Fil-A’s First U.K. Location Forced to Close Down

Just a little over a week after Chick-fil-A opened its first location in the United Kingdom, the restaurant will be closing because the shopping center will not extend the restaurant’s six-month lease in response to the protests of LGBTQ activists. . .

A spokesperson for The Oracle shopping center told the BBC that “the right thing to do” was to prevent the fast-food chain from doing business in response to the LGBTQ outcry.

“We always look to introduce new concepts for our customers, however, we have decided on this occasion that the right thing to do is to only allow Chick-Fil-A to trade with us for the initial six-month pilot period, and not to extend the lease any further,” said the spokesperson.

Reading Pride expressed delight over the “good news,” saying the six-month period was “reasonable request … to allow for re-settlement and notice for employees that have moved from other jobs.” Reading Pride did, however, promise to keep haranguing the restaurant with protests until it officially left the shopping center for good.

Chick-fil-A told the BBC that the organization has donated to Christian groups for youth and education, noting that they serve as home to a diverse number of employees. “There are 145,000 people – black, white; gay, straight; Christian, non-Christian – who represent Chick-fil-A,” said a spokesperson. (Read more from “Chick-Fil-A’s First U.K. Location Forced to Close Down” HERE)

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