WATCH: Former Trump Health Care Adviser Explains the Reason Drug Prices Keep Skyrocketing

Health care is something that impacts each and every American, regardless of where a person stands politically. And the cold hard truth is that America’s current health care system is only working for the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

During an interview with Prager University’s Candace Owens, President Donald Trump’s former health care advisor, Katy Talento, explained why Americans are frustrated with the current health care system. . .

“It’s become so non-partisan. It used to be in health care Republican verses Democrat. Now it’s really just the health care swamp verses the rest of us,” Talento explained. “What we’re talking about is everyone has to get paid. The doctor, he writes a prescription. The manufacturer who makes the inhaler, all the middle men between them and you, the insurance company, the pharmaceutical benefit manager, the group purchasing organization, the retail pharmacy, the wholesale pharmacy and everyone’s taking a cut along the way. That is why drug prices have increased beyond the rate of inflation every year for the past 10 years. Hospital prices have increased. If you think this is just drugs, it’s also hospitals. It’s also doctors. It’s totally out of control.” . . .

According to Talento, when patients are given that contract to sign, instead of signing their name they should write “I did not read this” on the signature line. When they get an unforeseen bill they can then go back and say they never consented to the blind cost they incurred.

“Health care is the only industry where the sellers of care – insurers and hospitals – conspire together to hook up secret pricing contracts with each other and they hide them from buyers of care: patients, employers and taxpayers,” she explained. (Read more from “Watch: Former Trump Health Care Adviser Explains the Reason Drug Prices Keep Skyrocketing” HERE)

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