Man’s Fiancée Wants to Split Because He Cross-Dressed. He Bludgeons Her to Death.

On Tuesday, a British judge sentenced a man to 17 years in prison for beating his fiancée to death after she said she wanted to leave him because of his cross-dressing.

Judge John Lafferty said that Amy Parsons, 35, who was bludgeoned to death while she was showering by her fiancé Roderick Deakin-White, 38, was murdered in a “most horrendous, savage and brutal way,” according to The Telegraph. The attack occurred in the flat the couple shared in Whitechapel, east London.

Judge Lafferty told Deakin-White: “Your view was that if you can’t have her, no-one can have her, and you killed her. There is no sentence I can pass upon you today that will bring back Miss Parsons — a young, successful, vivacious and kind-hearted young woman, whose life was brutally taken by you.”

The court had heard that Deakin-White’s cross-dressing had chiefly led to Parsons’ unhappiness; prosecutor Gareth Patterson QC stated, “She was unhappy about this and this was something he had often wanted to do when they were intimate.” The Daily Mail reported that Parsons “had told him she was ending the relationship because she could no longer stand him wearing women’s underwear when they had sex.” added, “The killer had regularly worn women’s underwear, stockings and make-up during the relationship and when they sometimes romped.”

Patterson said Parsons had initiated a relationship with another man a few weeks before her murder, which had triggered Deakin-White’s anger and jealousy. He added, “Unwilling to accept that she was going to leave him, he used a metal bar to hit her repeatedly around the head while she was showering in the Docklands flat which they shared.” (Read more from “Man’s Fiancée Wants to Split Because He Cross-Dressed. He Bludgeons Her to Death.” HERE)

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