Americans Are Getting Really Creeped out by Devices Eavesdropping on Them

. . .Anxiety levels over privacy and security are peaking as the relentless collection of online data and the steady drumbeat of data incursions and breaches take a toll.

People are worried like never before about eavesdropping by smart home devices such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo or having their microphone tapped to target them with personalized ads and increasingly they want a say over how their personal information gets used, according to a survey released Tuesday to observe Data Privacy Day.

More than 8 in 10 American adults expect to have control over how a business handles their data, the survey released by privacy firm DataGrail found. . .

What’s striking a real nerve with Americans? More than 82% of the survey participants said they are alarmed by businesses monitoring or collecting data from their mobile phone’s microphone, their laptop’s webcam and smart home devices. They also don’t feel comfortable with their phone or laptop being used to track their location.

For 48% of American adults, the No. 1 privacy concern is social media companies selling their data to third parties, according to the survey. Four in 10 object to their personal information from social media being sold to third parties to serve ads. (Read more from “Americans Are Getting Really Creeped out by Devices Eavesdropping on Them” HERE)

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