WATCH: Joe Biden Gets Physical With Voter; Later Claims He Wants Michelle Obama to be his VP

By Daily Wire. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden snapped at a voter in Iowa in Tuesday as the 77-year-old candidate put his hands on the man and told him to go vote for someone else.

“I’m going to support you if you win the nomination because we got to get rid of Trump but what are we going to do about climate change?” the man asked Biden. “Now, you say you are against pipelines, but then you want to replace these gas lines, that’s not going to work.” . . .

Biden put his hand on the man’s chest and gently pushed him away, telling the man, “go vote for someone else.”

“You’re not going to vote for me in the primary,” Biden said after the man appeared to express shock with his facial gestures.

“I’m going to vote for you in the general if you treat me right,” the man responded.

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Biden Takes Heat After Sparring With Iowa Voter Who Challenged Him on Climate Change

By Fox News. Joe Biden came under fire Tuesday from 2020 rival Tom Steyer after a video surfaced of him telling a man in Iowa to “go vote for someone else” when the man challenged him on his energy policies in the Hawkeye State. . .

The exchange went viral online after video from journalist Zaid Jilani surfaced, and it soon brought criticism from Steyer, who said it was “no way to treat an Iowan.”

“He said he’d vote for the Dem in the general [because] he knows how important it is to beat Trump,” Steyer tweeted Tuesday. We need immediate action on climate. If you don’t agree, happy to talk @ debate.”

“But don’t take it out on voters we need to win in [November],” he added.

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Biden Extols the Virtues the Obamas, Wishes Michelle Obama Would be his VP

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