Bernie Campaign Goes off on Joe Biden: He ‘Repeatedly Betrayed Black Voters’

The national co-chair of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign tore into former Vice President Joe Biden’s record on race in an op-ed Sunday.

Biden has “repeatedly betrayed black voters,” Nina Turner argued in an op-ed published in South Carolina newspaper The State.

She hammered Biden’s opposition to forced desegregation busing and his work with segregationist senators and wrote: “Biden didn’t just vote for bills designed to prevent black students from accessing white schools: in a series of personal letters he actively courted pro-segregation senators to support the legislation.”

“Sanders, by contrast, began his work in politics by organizing civil rights protests. As a college student, he helped lead a local chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality in its push to desegregate housing. Sanders participated in the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington and was arrested for protesting rampant school segregation in Chicago,” Turner wrote.

“In addition, Sanders has been pushing an education plan that supports local efforts to combat racial segregation,” she added. (Read more from “Bernie Campaign Goes off on Joe Biden: He ‘Repeatedly Betrayed Black Voters'” HERE)

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