Democrat Drops out of 2020 Race Following New Hampshire Results; Here’s the Dem Front-Runner; Things Aren’t Looking Good for Biden

By Daily Wire. Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday after early returns from the New Hampshire primary showed another poor outing for the far-left candidate.

“I am a numbers guy,” Yang told The Washington Post. “In most of these [upcoming] states, I’m not going to be at a threshold where I get delegates, which makes sticking around not necessarily helpful or productive in terms of furthering the goals of this campaign.”

“If I become persuaded that there’s a particular candidate that gives us a superior chance of beating Donald Trump, and I think it’s important to make that opinion known, then I would consider it for sure,” Yang continued. “Anyone with a crystal ball would have regarded Iowa as a bit of a sinkhole. If we could do it over again, of course, we would not have sunk so much energy and time and resources in Iowa. We would have been fighting it out here in New Hampshire. And then we probably would have been on the air in Nevada or South Carolina.”

Yang added, “I’m not someone who wants to take people’s donations, support, time and dedication if I don’t think we have a chance to win or advance our goals in the right direction.” (Read more from “Democrat Drops out of 2020 Race Following New Hampshire Results” HERE)


Sanders Edges out Buttigieg to Win New Hampshire, as Klobuchar Surges to Third

By Fox News. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has won the New Hampshire primary, Fox News projects, catapulting the 78-year-old self-described democratic socialist to the front of the still-crowded Democratic presidential primary field.

Sanders had been leading top rival Pete Buttigieg and several other candidates as results came in throughout the evening, though only by a fraction of his 22-point margin of victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 New Hampshire primary. Buttigieg, meanwhile, touted his strong performance as a sign that his campaign was “here to stay.”

“Thank you New Hampshire,” Sanders told cheering supporters late Tuesday, saying his campaign had won a “great victory.” . . .

New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary came days after Sanders won the popular vote in the botched Iowa caucuses. Buttigieg took home more delegates from that contest, however.

At the same time, Buttigieg wasn’t the only Democrat standing between Sanders and the nomination. A late-surging Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar landed in third place in New Hampshire as votes continued coming in. (Read more from “Sanders Edges out Buttigieg to Win New Hampshire, as Klobuchar Surges to Third” HERE)


Biden vows comeback in South Carolina, after distant New Hampshire finish

By Fox News. Former Vice President Joe Biden vowed a comeback Tuesday as he hosted a kick-off rally for what could be the make-or-break leg of his campaign in South Carolina, after a distant finish in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Biden abruptly announced Tuesday morning that he wouldn’t spend primary night in New Hampshire as planned and would instead host the event in South Carolina — the state he’s long considered his campaign firewall.

But even after early New Hampshire results posted — showing him badly trailing the leaderboard of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. — the former vice president still confidently asserted Tuesday night that he would be able to pull out a win.

“We just heard from the first two of 50 states. Not all the nation. Not half the nation. Not a quarter of the nation. Not 10 percent,” Biden said at his South Carolina event. “Where I come from, that’s the opening bell, not the closing bell.” . . .

Neither Biden nor Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was positioned to finish in the top three positions in New Hampshire, according to an early Fox News Voter Analysis. (Read more from “Biden vows comeback in South Carolina, after distant New Hampshire finish” HERE)

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