Man with Cancer Marries Longtime Girlfriend Before Entering Hospice

Corey Cunningham was working for an oil and gas refinery in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands in October 2019 when he had a seizure on the job.

He was evacuated to a hospital in Puerto Rico and later diagnosed with brain cancer while at home in Houston, Texas. Doctors said there was no cure for his stage 4 cancer, and gave him a life expectancy of about 15 months.

“It was heartbreaking,” his longtime girlfriend and now wife, 42-year-old Tyyisha Evans, told People of the diagnosis. “We cried together. I said, ‘You have to fight. I need you to fight.’ And he did.” . . .

When a palliative care physician asked the 45-year-old who he wanted to be his medical power of attorney, Cunningham responded that he had bought a diamond ring and had planned to marry Evans. . .

About an hour before the ceremony began, Evans found out Cunningham was ready to enter hospice care. (Read more from “Man with Cancer Marries Longtime Girlfriend Before Entering Hospice” HERE)

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