Please, Let It Be Bernie Sanders!

The same political class that got 2016 so horribly wrong is now warning us not to underestimate Bernie Sanders.

His opposition to NAFTA and free trade, they tell us, will siphon off the crucial voters in the Midwest who went for President Trump in 2016. Trump should be trembling in fear that that Sanders will be able to channel the discontent that once sent voters, especially white-working class voters, running Trump’s way.

There is no reason to believe this nonsense. Republicans should be thrilled the Democrats might be dumb enough to nominate a man whose views are more outside the political mainstream than any major political candidate since George McGovern.

Sanders’s opposition to NAFTA, a trade agreement that many of his young supporters have never heard of and can’t even spell, has nothing to do with his status atop the Democratic field. And the fact that so many pundits think it does shows a fundamental but typical Inside-the-Beltway misunderstanding of what is actually going on. Sanders is ahead because the Democrats have been captured by far leftists demanding radical change that no else wants.

Sanders wants government to take away Americans’ private health care plans. He wants to raise taxes on everything and everyone. He gives succor to America’s enemies with a spineless, toothless attitude to foreign policy that would especially coddle despotic socialists. This might be Sanders’ path to the nomination, but those things would all lead to his crushing defeat in November. Most Americans are happy with their health insurance plans and want to keep them. Most Americans don’t want their taxes raised. Most Americans don’t support erase all student loans. Most Americas don’t think bread lines are cause for optimism. (Read more from “Please, Let It Be Bernie Sanders!” HERE)

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