Elizabeth Warren’s Debate Stage Antics Prove Her Dishonesty Once Again

By Washington Examiner. On the CNN debate stage Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders flat-out denied that he ever told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t be president, a hard-to-believe rumor reported this week.

But the debate moderator next asked Warren to respond to Sanders’s statement that a woman can’t win — essentially, accepting the premise of the rumor as if it were established fact. Warren responded, “I disagree,” implying, without any evidence and despite the denial, that he did ask it and saying, “This question has been raised, and it’s time for us to attack it.”

These are just shady underhanded tactics on Warren’s part. She knows Sanders is not a sexist, they’ve been friends for decades, and he’s been publicly saying a woman could be president since 1988. It’s just sad and dishonest that Warren would let this mischief stand, but unfortunately, dishonest politicking is more of the same from the Massachusetts Democrat.

Warren lied, for years, about having Native American heritage, despite being whiter than Wonder Bread and having no valid claim to tribal membership. She also lied about her father being a “janitor” as part of her blue-collar background. This was not true, and Warren’s brother told reporters the false claim made him “furious.” (Read more from “Elizabeth Warren’s Debate Stage Antics Prove Her Dishonesty Once Again” HERE)


Sanders Camp Admits Anti-Warren Script Was Deployed in Multiple Early States

By Politico. The controversial talking points attacking Elizabeth Warren that Bernie Sanders’ campaign deployed were given to teams in at least two early voting states on Friday, three Sanders campaign officials confirmed.

Volunteers and staffers used the script on Saturday while canvassing for votes, meaning the talking points were more official than what Sanders previously suggested after POLITICO reported on the language.

The campaign pulled back the script — which described Warren’s appeal as limited to the highly educated and financially well off — later on Saturday after the story published. Sanders initially appeared to blame the controversy on rogue employees. (Read more from “Sanders Camp Admits Anti-Warren Script Was Deployed in Multiple Early States” HERE)

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