At Debate, Biden Promises He’ll Have a Female Vice President; Earlier, Biden Campaign Apologizes After He Wanders off Camera in Middle of Livestream Town Hall

By Joey Garrison. Joe Biden committed to picking a woman as his running mate during Sunday’s televised Democratic presidential debate while Sen. Bernie Sanders said “in all likelihood” he would also choose a female vice presidential candidate if he’s the nominee.

“My administration will look like the country and I commit that I will in fact pick a woman to be vice president,” the former vice president said. “There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow. I will pick a woman as my vice president”. . .

Adding diversity to the Democratic ticket is widely seen as a priority for a party that now has two white men, both in their late 70s, as its top two candidates.

The only women vice presidential candidates to be on a ticket are Rep. Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in 2008. Ferraro ran with Walter Mondale for the Democrats and Palin ran with John McCain for the Republicans. No woman has ever been elected vice president or president. (Read more about the Biden campaign commitment to a female running mate HERE)

By Pluralist. Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential campaign apologized after he wandered off camera on Friday during a glitch-plagued livestream event.

The campaign emailed viewers after the Facebook livestream was derailed by multiple production failures and apparent on-screen gaffes by Biden, according to Breitbart News.

“Tonight, you tuned in to our first ever virtual town hall. And unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties. That’s our bad,” the campaign said in the email. . .

The Verge described the Zoom-hosted livestream as a “technical nightmare,” and CNN called it a “technical calamity.” In its headline about the event, Fox News described it like a terminally ill patient.

Jordan Uhl, a liberal activist and political consultant, mocked the “bizarre, meandering livestream.” He noted that Biden at one point turned away from the camera and walked off screen while answering a question about endangered species.

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