Why Women Live Longer Than Men: Science Has the Answer Now

It is a known fact that women live longer than men, irrespective of the place they are born or choose to spend their life. Scientists have long wondered the reason and now it looks like they have come real close to the cause.

The researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) claim that the secret may lie in the second X chromosome, present in females. . .

The study, conducted on mice, showed that females live longer than males and that XX largely governs this trait in ageing mice. . .

The Y chromosome, present only in males, contains very few genes other than those that create secondary sex characteristics, like male genitals and facial hair, and it is not necessary for survival.

Further, having XX ovaries enabled mice to live longer, beginning at 21 months, which is toward the end of a normal mouse lifespan. (Read more from “Why Women Live Longer Than Men: Science Has the Answer Now” HERE)

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