State to Record License Plates of Easter Churchgoers, Enforce Quarantines; Church Members Issued $500 Fines for Parking Lot Service

By Fox 19. Gov. Andy Beshear introduced a new executive order Friday that anyone who decides to participate in a mass gathering over Easter weekend will be forced to quarantine for 14 days.

The license plates of participants will be recorded and provided to local health departments, Beshear said. The departments will then come to the participant’s door and provide them with a 14-day quarantine order.

The participant will also be notified attending the gathering is misdemeanor violation of the emergency orders issued by the governor and Kentucky Department for Public Health.

“There are some that say, ‘This is my choice, about if I go some place and get the coronavirus,’” he said. “But it is not the next person’s choice you spread it to.”

The governor introduced the order after he announced 11 new deaths due to COVID-19 in Kentucky, bringing the Commonwealth’s total to 90. (Read more from “State to Record License Plates of Easter Churchgoers, Enforce Quarantines” HERE)


Temple Baptist Church Members Issued $500 Tickets for Parking Lot Service

By Delta Democrat-Times. . .The parking lot of the church was full Wednesday night with members of the church who gathered in parked vehicles to listen to Pastor Arthur Scott’s sermon broadcast on a low-power FM frequency radio. . .

Those social distancing mandates were strengthened with Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves shelter-in-place order on April 3 and further strengthened with Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons’ executive order on Tuesday that all church buildings are to be closed for both in-person and drive-in church services.

The executive order further halted drive-in church meetings and encouraged those churches to use other means to communicate their message.

That’s what the membership of Temple Baptist Church thought they were doing on Wednesday, but Simmons said their meeting in the parking lot of the church is in direct defiance of the executive order. . .

Gordon, who is also a representative for the Washington County Board of Supervisors, was in the parking lot Wednesday night and both he and his wife were issued $500 tickets. (Read more from “Temple Baptist Church Members Issued $500 Tickets for Parking Lot Service” HERE)

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