Left Aims to Use Virus Scares to Tamper With Voting Systems

. . .Another interesting trend has emerged as well: Calls to end the Electoral College are often paired with calls to enact mail-in voting. Are the two moves seen as serving the same end? Or are they merely two goals that would seem unachievable, but for the crisis thrust upon us?

. . .Other commentators remind voters they don’t have a right to vote in the presidential election on Election Day. The Constitution gives state legislatures wide discretion, and legislators could simply appoint electors directly if the pandemic is still ongoing. Legislative selection of electors hasn’t been used in decades, but now the power is spoken of again as if it could happen in 2020.

The governor of at least one swing state has already shown her capability for muscling past the state legislature and implementing her desired policy. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer refused to accept a legislative decision not to extend her emergency powers on April 30. Instead, she simply declared another emergency, claiming she could extend her own powers for 28 more days.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear one power that Whitmer seized as she declares emergencies. She’s expanded absentee voting for local elections in her state and has made moves towards universal mail-in voting. Although the presidential election is months away, the move is already being called a “blueprint for the presidential battleground state in November.” (Read more from “Left Aims to Use Virus Scares to Tamper With Voting Systems” HERE)

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