America Is Better Than This

The orchestrated violence roiling an increasing number of American cities is cause for considerable concern. There are myriad explanations being offered by the media and pundits.

But the voices that are largely silent during this time of chaos are the very people who are a central factor in the lawlessness and violence that is spreading.

Our societal problems are being exponentially magnified by the decline in the quality of personnel who advance to commanding, decision-making roles in police departments and mayoral offices. This impotence and incompetence is also on full display among the elected officials serving in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The profound lack of effectiveness of these self-important leaders in federal, state, and municipal governments is now on display. This disappointing reality is the result of decades of decline in the abilities of people who are elected to serve the public but seem to spend far more time preening for cameras and promoting themselves to ever-higher levels in terms of title, compensation, and power.

There is almost total silence from the elected leadership in Washington of late. Few state and municipal figures, with the exception of Atlanta’s mayor, Keisha Bottom, have dared to venture before a microphone during the past several months of the pandemic. (Read more from “America Is Better Than This” HERE)

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