Expert Advice: It Looks Like the 180-Degree Turn on COVID Lockdowns Just Became a Huge In-Kind Contribution to Trump’s Re-Election

Is this the end of the “expert”? If not, we’re on that trajectory with the medical community’s transparent shift regarding the lockdowns over the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses couldn’t reopen because we needed to control the spread, flatten the curve, and ensure the hospitals were not overrun. Venturing out made you a selfish bastard. And then, a couple of weeks prior, though some of you were already poking holes through the narrative, there was a great reversal. Some were grounded in good news. . .

You have to admit, this lockdown narrative was a well-executed strategy. The liberal media keeps up the doom and gloom news, which tanks the markets. The political class seeing this chooses the “better safe than sorry” approach and enacts stay-at-home orders, and then the pinch on businesses begins. The hope was to keep fear alive and let this eat into Trump’s re-election chances. Those who deviate are shamed. Rinse and repeat until the data starts to show this was an overreaction. And now, with a new issue that can be used to attack Trump, get on out and riot.

Liberal reporter Michael Tracey, who has gone after other Lefties for their insanity over Trump-Russia collusion, has been on a tear. First, he rightfully slammed the left-wing activist-media complex for being coddled babies who are totally insane. Now, he’s set his sights on the medical folks who now say put COVID on pause, as if this is a video game, and smash racism. . .

[Warning: Tweets contain explicit language.]

And this is how you morph a colossal event that possibly could have hurt Trump in 2020 into a massive in-kind contribution to his re-election effort. Why? Because liberals are stupid. Yes, their allies in the media did a swell job selling panic and trashing the market. And then thinking this reversal after everything that’s been said—it’s just…you cannot make it up. The liberal bias is explicitly clear, and be prepared to defend every suggestion you make from here on out because the default position should be to look on these clowns with contempt and skepticism. (Read more from “Expert Advice: It Looks Like the 180-Degree Turn on COVID Lockdowns Just Became a Huge In-Kind Contribution to Trump’s Re-Election” HERE)

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