Must-See Video: Lone Conservative Prevent Antifa Mob From Torching Democrat Mayor’s House; Community Leaders Quit Over Response to Violence, Riots

By WND. A local conservative who ran against his city’s progressive mayor in last year’s primary, nevertheless, came to her defense when agitated Antifa vandals claiming to support black people mobilized outside her home, with one wielding a torch.

David Ross, who hosts “The David Ross Show” podcast, captured on video his confrontation last Friday night in Olympia, Washington, with militants in front of Mayor Cheryl Selby’s house chanting “Abolish the police.”

The irony, as WND reported, was that Selby was seen on video at a Black Lives Matter protest June 1 drawing cheers from a crowd as she kneeled before black-clad activists in the state’s capital city.

But 12 days later, about 50 “black-clad protesters,” according to The Olympian newspaper’s description, smashed windows, burned flags and spray-painted businesses downtown then moved the mayhem to her front lawn.

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Community Leaders Quit Over Response to Violence, Riots

By Fox 59. The eight-member leadership of the southeast side CDRC submitted a mass resignation letter over the past weekend, frustrated, they said, by what is perceived to be Hogsett’s failing anti-violence initiatives and the mayor’s response to two nights of looting, riots and arson that rocked downtown Indianapolis following peaceful protests against racial injustice and in favor of criminal justice reform during the last weekend in May.

“I think you start seeing things that are detrimental to the community but no one seems to want to hear what you have to say because they’re too busy working on political agendas,” said CDRC Co-Chair Dr. Chris Holland. “You don’t feel like your voice isn’t heard if you’re not saying the right thing.”

Indianapolis’ 2020 homicide totals have reached 100, weeks before a similar milestone was reached a year ago when the city was also on a record-setting pace during the final year of Hogsett’s first term after he campaigned be the city’s “Public Safety Mayor.”

“You see the violent numbers continue to climb and nobody says anything,” said Dr. Holland. “You see the city burned, looted, riots, I’m not talking about peaceful protest, you’ve been down there, I’ve been down there, you see the damage, people have been killed during that and nobody even wants to walk through the damage to look at that. To me that says, ‘I’ve either checked out some way or I don’t care.’ (Read more from “Community Leaders Quit Over Response to Violence, Riots” HERE)

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