VIDEO: ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden’; Joe Biden Must Release His Cognitive Tests Results — Voters Need to Know

By Breitbart. Joe Biden appeared to suffer another mental malfunction on Friday when he referred to himself as “Joe Biden’s husband.”

The presumptive Democrat nominee for president was speaking to the National Education Association annual conference, and union president Lily Eskelsen Garcia touted Jill Biden’s membership in the largely compulsory organization.

Editor’s cautionary note: It seems to us that Biden meant to say “Jill Biden” but just didn’t articulate it very well. In any event, the man desperately needs a cognitive test.

(Read more from “Joe Biden: ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden’ (VIDEO)” HERE)


Joe Biden Must Release the Results of His Cognitive Tests — Voters Need to Know

By The Hill. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden very nearly survived his first press conference in three months without a single goof. Almost, but not quite.

At the very end of the question-and-answer session, asked by a reporter if he had been tested for “cognitive decline,” he answered, “I’ve been tested. I’ve been tested constantly.” Biden went on to say he could “hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

Pretty snappy answer for a fellow thought by 38 percent of likely voters to be suffering a mental decline. Except, of course, that Biden’s response raised more questions than it answered.

Such as…where was he tested? Why, exactly, is he being “constantly tested”? Are his doctors worried about him? Most importantly, when will he release the results of those tests? (Read more from “Joe Biden Must Release the Results of His Cognitive Tests — Voters Need to Know” HERE)

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