Epstein’s Ghislaine Maxwell’s Troubling Connections to Murkowski REVEALED; All the Places Maxwell Was Rumored to Be Laying Low

Curiously, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is connected to Alaska and its troubled Senator, Lisa Murkowski. Alice Rogoff, perhaps Murkowski’s biggest political supporter second only to VECO’s convicted felon, CEO Bill Allen, was a close friend of Maxwell’s. The former publisher of the Anchorage Dispatch News and ex-wife of the Carlyle Group’s billionaire David Rubenstein attended many Alaskan events with Maxwell including the Iditarod. They were involved with Artic Circle events, and Maxwell was reportedly hiding out with one of Murkowski’s close associates just a few months ago.

Why Maxwell was so involved with Alaska and close associates of Alaska’s senior senator is anyone’s guess. And isn’t it strange that the former VECO CEO, Lisa Murkowski’s biggest donor source for years, was also apparently involved in child sex trafficking in Alaska? Many suspect that federal-informant Allen was using the underage girls to compromise Alaska legislators. Multiple state legislators, most (if not all) colleagues and friends of Lisa Murkowski, were ultimately convicted of bribery connected with the Bill Allen corruption scandal.


Maxwell Arrested in New Hampshire Estate

By Fox Business. Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out in a $1 million New Hampshire estate before authorities arrested her Thursday on charges of trafficking minors for sex and perjury, DailyMail.com reported.

Maxwell, the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein who’s accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for abuse, was living in a luxurious home called Tuckedaway she bought last year near Bradford, New Hampshire, according to the report. The gated property sits on a hilltop up a steep dirt road.

The home and its secluded 156-acre property sold for $1.07 million in December, according to Zillow. The 4,635-square-foot timber frame home includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms and “is an amazing retreat for the nature lover who also wants total privacy,” according to former listing details.

The 2002-built home includes a large fireplace, cathedral ceiling and an open concept floorplan, according to the defunct listing. It’s got a ground floor master suite. There’s also a separate two-bedroom guest house “with a fabulous barn for hoedowns, square dances and hay rides.”

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All the Places Ghislaine Maxwell Was Rumored to Be Laying Low

By New York Post. The reports of Ghislaine Maxwell’s whereabouts have been greatly exaggerated. . .

She was rumored to be shacking up with modeling mogul Jean-Luc Brunel in Brazil, as far off as New Zealand and Israel, and in March filed a legal claim in the US Virgin Islands for a piece of Epstein’s estate.

Rumors swirled that she popped up in Paris last month, and a photo emerged in August of her reportedly at a Los Angeles fast-food joint following Epstein’s arrest in July on federal sex trafficking charges in New York. . .

Britain’s Mirror said in February that a wild new theory suggested that Maxwell was hiding out in a submarine, reporting that she has a license to pilot “submersible vehicles.”

A friend of the socialite’s told Fox News in January that another rumored hideout — a safe house somewhere in the Midwest, guarded by US Special Forces operatives — was bogus. (Read more from “All the Places Ghislaine Maxwell Was Rumored to Be Laying Low” HERE)

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