PROTECTING PEDOPHILES: Facebook Removes Viral Video Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein for ‘Bullying and Harassment’ (VIDEO)

Facebook flagged Andrew Schulz’s scathing video takedown of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein for violating company standards on “harassment and bullying,” removing the clip from public view after it had already garnered a million views. Asked by The Federalist why the video was removed and whether it would be restored, Facebook did not respond with an explanation by publishing time.

“Our pieces strive to express the feelings of what we believe to be the majority of Americans. Americans whose views exist in between both political extremes. We figured one issue that would have bipartisan support would be making fun of pedophiles and their enablers. Apparently Facebook feels otherwise,” Schulz told The Federalist on Monday.

“Also,” he added, “how the f**k can I bully billionaires?”

Schulz, a hugely popular YouTube comedian, posted the six-minute video to his Facebook page on July 12. Maxwell was arrested on July 12 and hit with multiple charges connected to Epstein’s serial sexual abuse of teenage girls. The British “socialite” is alleged to have spent years grooming young women for Epstein.

“Ghislaine & Epstein… How DEEP Their Pedo Connections Go,” Schulz captioned the video on Facebook. “The evil broad Ghislaine Maxwell has finally been arrested and it’s time to give her, Epstein, and everyone that enabled them some bars. Enjoy the massacre!”

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