Riot-Ravaged Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Rebuild (VIDEO)

Ever since a multiracial group of Minneapolis cops kneeled on George Floyd’s neck as he died three months ago, there have been riots in American cities every single night. At first our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media just gaslighted us about it. They looked right into their cameras and told us it wasn’t happening. It’s not actual violence, y’know, the bad kind of violence. It’s “mostly peaceful protest.” . . .

But the people in that neighborhood are still there, in the ruins. Velshi and his ilk don’t care what happens to them, because it doesn’t fit liberals’ view of the world and it’s bad for their preferred political party. They don’t care what happens to people like this Minneapolis resident, after rioters destroyed her neighborhood:

. . .The destruction in Minneapolis is astonishing. It took Minneapolis authorities two months to stumble upon a charred corpse inside a burned-down pawnshop. A man named Montez Terrill Lee is currently awaiting trial for committing the arson, but the deceased is still unidentified. The national media just shrugged and moved on. They’re not demanding answers. Al Sharpton hasn’t shown up for another nationally televised funeral. Only certain lives matter. (Read more from “Riot-Ravaged Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Rebuild” HERE)

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