Scientists Left Baffled by Reports of Orca ‘Attacks’

Scientists admit they are baffled by a rise in aggressive orca activity, with the whales ramming boats along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, according to reports by the Guardian.

The number of reported incidents involving orcas has risen over the summer months, with researchers noting that interactions between the whales and boats are not unusual, but the level of aggression displayed in July and August is “highly unusual.”

Researchers speculate that it might be competition for tuna populations along the coast that has led to some distress among the whale populations. Alfredo Lopez, coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals in Galicia, said orcas make their way up the coast each September to chase tuna.

Since 1999, two of five pods common to the area have learned to take tuna from fishermen drop lines, with several sustaining injuries from the lines as a result. . .

“These are very strange events,” says Ezequiel Andreu Cazalla, a cetacean researcher. “But I don’t think they’re attacks. (Read more from “Scientists Left Baffled by Reports of Orca ‘Attacks'” HERE)

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