ABC News’ Town Hall Featured Obama-Biden Campaign Aide, Top Dem’s Wife

At least two participants at ABC News’ “town hall” event Thursday with presidential candidate Joe Biden had undisclosed Democratic Party affiliations.

Nathan Osburn, a 2008 Obama-Biden press aide, was described as a “communications” professional in an on-screen graphic and was introduced by host George Stephanopolous as “a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Democrat.”

Osburn, now a Google employee, worked in 2008 on “high-profile media inquiries” for the Obama-Biden campaign, according to his LinkedIn page, and “[h]elped secure and publicize high-profile newspaper endorsement.” . . .

Mieke Haeck, identified by ABC News as a physical therapist, was described as a first-time voter from State College, Pennsylvania. Her party affiliation wasn’t noted when she asked a question involving her 8-year-old transgender child.

Haeck is the wife of Ezra Nanes, a Democrat who ran an unsuccessful 2018 challenge against Republican state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, Fox News reports. (Read more from “ABC News’ Town Hall Featured Obama-Biden Campaign Aide, Top Dem’s Wife” HERE)

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