Quick-Thinking Cop Saves Baby Who Was Choking and ‘Turning Blue’

A quick-thinking New Jersey cop saved a 5-week-old baby boy who was choking and “turning blue.”

The mother attempted CPR on the newborn to no avail, while the father called 911.

Secaucus Police Officer Mikhail Kowlessar arrived and quickly did some back slaps that got the baby to spit up some clear liquid and start breathing again.

Police Chief Dennis Miller praised Kowlessar, who has been on the force since 2018.

“Police Officer Kowlessar utilized his training and performed flawlessly, which undoubtedly saved this infant’s life. I am extremely proud of him,” the chief said. (Read more from “Quick-Thinking Cop Saves Baby Who Was Choking and ‘Turning Blue'” HERE)

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