Trump Claims He Is Immune to Coronavirus

President Trump on Sunday indicated that he no longer has the coronavirus and claimed that he is now “immune” from the disease as he is set to rejoin the campaign trail soon.

“Yes, and not only that, it seems like I’m immune, so I can go way out of a basement, which I would have done anyway,” Trump said in response to a question from “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo about whether his doctor’s note indicates he no longer has the coronavirus.

The White House has not yet confirmed that Trump has tested negative for the virus. There’s evidence that reinfection is unlikely for at least three months even for people who had a mild case of COVID-19. But it is unclear how much longer that lasts.

“The president is in very good shape to fight the battles,” Trump added. “I beat this crazy horrible China virus… I passed the highest test, the highest standards, and I’m in great shape. And I have to tell you I feel fantastically. I really feel good.”

Trump made the comments the day after his first public appearance since being diagnosed with the coronavirus Saturday. The interview is a continuation of a virtual media blitz the president has been engaged in this week as he convalesces. (Read more from “Trump Claims He Is Immune to Coronavirus” HERE)

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