WATCH: Black Trump Supporter Kicked off Southwest Airlines Flight

Southwest Airlines is in hot water, once again, after a passenger was removed from a flight on Tuesday for allegedly violating mask restrictions.

The passenger, a Black man in a ‘Black Voices for Trump’ hat, donning a Trump face covering, lowered his mask once seated in order to eat a snack – a bag of peanuts – something he and other passengers understood to be allowable.

Video shows the man in a middle seat with no passengers seated directly next to him. An official from the airline in a blue mask is then shown approaching him and telling him he wasn’t going to be taking off on this flight and needed to exit the aircraft.

Witnesses in the video came to the man’s defense, saying that he was in fact wearing his mask until he lowered it in order to snack on peanuts while safely in his own seat. On the video, other passengers gestured toward a flight attendant at the front of the aircraft and said that the ejection had nothing to do with mask policy.

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