Report: Trump Campaign to File for Recount in ‘Key’ Wisconsin Counties

The Trump campaign is filing for a partial recount of votes in Wisconsin on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts broke the news on Wednesday morning, posting on Twitter that “the [Trump] Campaign will be filing for a recount in the state of Wisconsin today.” Roberts followed up his initial post with another clarifying that the campaign is pushing for a “partial recount in several key counties.”

Outlets called the state’s presidential race for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who currently leads President Donald Trump by roughly 20,000 votes in the state, according to Fox News. Trump has not yet conceded the race as his campaign continues to pursue litigation over alleged voter fraud and unfair election practices in states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. . .

So far, Georgia is the only state in which Trump is pursuing legal challenges to initiate a recount. The recount has turned up thousands of previously uncounted votes with the majority favoring Trump and cutting Biden’s lead in the state by hundreds of votes. Former Vice President Biden maintains a nearly 13,000-vote lead over Trump. (Read more from “Report: Trump Campaign to File for Recount in ‘Key’ Wisconsin Counties” HERE)

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