Federal Judge Releases BLM Capitol Rioter Without Bail

John Earle Sullivan, a far-left agitator who was present at the Capitol riots on Jan. 6 and recorded a woman’s death at the hands of police, was released from jail on Friday without bail, according to Fox News.

According to Utah District Magistrate Judge Daphne Oberg, the motion for Sullivan’s detention was denied because it didn’t meet the court’s threshold for a hearing. Prosecutors had asked for Sullivan to be retained in jail at least until inauguration day. . .

Federal judges have denied bail to others who took part in the Jan. 6 chaos. Not Oberg.

“The court orders John Earle Sullivan’s release, in this case, based on a finding that the government did not establish a basis to hold a detention hearing…Because the court finds the threshold conditions under § 3142(f) have not been met, it cannot hold a detention hearing and, thus, cannot detain the defendant,” Oberg wrote.

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