Yes, Bo Snerdley Exists: ‘Our Beloved Rush Has Returned His Talent to God’

While the New York Times has raised doubts about his existence, the man on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” known as Bo Snerdley indeed exists, expressing his love and admiration for his boss of nearly 30 years in an emotional interview Thursday night.

James Golden, who had served as Limbaugh’s producer, call screener and engineer since 1992, spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Sean, we can’t wrap our arms around this,” Golden told Hannity, who says he owes his own success to Limbaugh. “We can’t wrap our brains and our hearts around it that our beloved Rush has returned his talent to God. And we are so thankful for him.”

Limbaugh, after the announcement of his death Wednesday at age 70, was remembered as an “indispensable” leader of the conservative movement, a “happy warrior” who singlehandedly resurrected AM radio as he explained America and its reason for existence in a way no one else could, shaping a generation of political and cultural thought along with countless individual lives.

On Wednesday, Golden tweeted: “I cant ever thank you enough Rush for giving me life changing opportunities. I’d probably be working in a grocery store if it weren’t for you. I love you forever brother, we will meet again.” (Read more from “Yes, Bo Snerdley Exists: ‘Our Beloved Rush Has Returned His Talent to God'” HERE)

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