Biden Administration To Allow Abortion Pills by Mail

The Biden administration will temporarily lift a medication abortion restriction that requires abortion pills to be dispensed in person, reversing a Trump-era policy and handing abortion-rights groups one of their first major victories of the new administration.

In a two-page letter letter to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, a professional medical organization, acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock announced Monday evening that her agency would “exercise enforcement discretion” surrounding the FDA’s requirement that abortion patients using mifepristone to terminate a pregnancy obtain the pills in-person from a medical provider. The decision will allow providers in some states to prescribe via telemedicine and send the pills in the mail. . .

Monday evening’s decision reverses a Trump administration policy supported by the Supreme Court earlier this year. Last year, ACOG, which represents about 90% of obstetricians and gynocologists in the field, requested that the FDA lift its long-standing requirement that mifepristone (also sold as Mifeprex), the first pill of two used to induce a medication abortion, be dispensed by a doctor in-person. The medical group argued that not only was the in-person requirement medically unnecessary, but in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic placed patients and medical staff at risk of exposure to the virus. (Read more from “Biden Administration To Allow Abortion Pills by Mail” HERE)

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