Astrophysicist Explains Why UFO Videos Fail To Impress Him

A top astrophysics professor penned a column published Sunday that addresses the recent buzz around UFO sightings by US Navy personnel and the highly anticipated report on these sightings due out in the summer. . .

Adam Frank, the professor from the University of Rochester, wrote a column in the New York Times titled, “I’m a Physicist Who Searches for Aliens. UFOs Don’t Impress Me.” He wrote that he has been asked about these documented encounters because of his resume. (He won a recent grant from NASA to search for some kind of advanced technology on planets in far-away solar systems.)

He pointed to the videos that aired on CBS’ “60 Minutes” that were captured by US Navy pilots. He is skeptical of how much those videos can teach us about the objects.

“While some researchers have used the footage to make simple estimates of the accelerations and other flight characteristics of the UFOs, the results have been mixed at best. Skeptics have already shown that some of the motions seen in the videos (like the ocean skimming) may be artifacts of the cameras’ optics and tracking systems,” he wrote. (Read more from “Astrophysicist Explains Why UFO Videos Fail To Impress Him” HERE)

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