Black Americans Ignore Biden’s Vaccine Push

The Biden administration knew the key to a successful Covid vaccination campaign would be reaching the most vulnerable populations. But more than five months in, even a blueprint that’s worked with other ethnic and racial groups isn’t doing enough to win over Black Americans.

Less than a quarter of Black Americans had received their first Covid-19 shot as of June 7 based on available federal data, amid a weekslong stagnation that has defied the government’s ramped-up effort to accelerate vaccinations and reach the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

One of the task force’s first assignments was recommending ways to build trust in the vaccines and effectively roll them out to those marginalized communities — chief among them Black Americans who are dying from Covid-19 at disproportionate rates. Some early ideas were incorporated into the administration vaccination plan crafted within the White House, task force members said. Yet as the panel has shifted its focus to other, long-term health equity issues in recent months, vaccine disparities have persisted. . .

The White House has intensified the equity push in the past month in particular, as it races to hit President Joe Biden’s July 4 deadline for getting 70 percent of U.S. adults to take at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. (Read more from “Black Americans Ignore Biden’s Vaccine Push” HERE)

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