400-Strong Migrant Caravan From Mexico Headed for US Border

A 400-strong caravan of immigrants is making its way through Mexico toward the US, even as Mexican National Guard troops continue trying to thwart border-bound migrants.

The massive group, which left from the southern city of Tapachula on Saturday, began its northward trek after Mexican forces broke up at least two other caravans in the past week.

The new caravan is made up largely of Central Americans and Haitians who told authorities they are fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries — and seeking refuge in the US.

“I’ve handed in paperwork but nothing ever gets fixed,” one 31-year-old Honduran migrant, Sharon, told Reuters. “Just appointments and more appointments.”

She added, “I am scared, but if I don’t get out of here I’m not going to get work.” (Read more from “400-Strong Migrant Caravan From Mexico Headed for US Border” HERE)

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