Afghanistan Rescue Worker: More Americans Left Than Biden Claims

A volunteer working to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan said that many more Americans are still trapped in the country than the Biden administration claims.

Jean Marie Thrower, an Army veteran and automotive consultant, is a volunteer with the Afghan Rescue Crew working to extract as many Americans and Afghan allies abandoned by the U.S. in Afghanistan as possible. Thrower appeared on Fox News on Sunday and blasted the Biden administration for its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Definitely, there are more than the hundred that is being stated. We have multiple groups working together with teams with rosters of people, and we continue to scrub those rosters to make sure we know where these people are at,” Thrower said. “I do want to say as a veteran, quickly, that I’m appalled at our administration and how they have disrespected Americans and our allies, as well as put our soldiers’ future operations in jeopardy.”

Thrower said that the Biden administration is underestimating the number of Americans still in Afghanistan based on the number of people she and the Afghan Rescue Crew are in contact with. (Read more from “Afghanistan Rescue Worker: More Americans Left Than Biden Claims” HERE)

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